Turandot–The January update

I was going to wait until I’d finished another page but the urge to share has overtaken me, plus I have some progress pics of the house. I should add that I am only a couple of hundred away from that page being done

(click image to enlarge)

I’ve decided to stick with “T” now until we shift out of the motel for a couple of days later in the week at which time I’ll post a full size update.

Remember a while ago I posted this image of our back door latch ? Well… here’s what it looked like yesterday from the inside. YAY the door closes now… and locks.

I suppose that’s what having one room of the house jacked up nearly 10mm will do.

(One of the builders covers the hole he made. And now it’s ready for the new ceiling) The main bedroom with new ceiling, ready to be plastered and painted. (The wallpaper is yet to be stripped and replaced)

Another thing it will do is bugger the alignment of the exterior bricks and window sills.


These cracks and gaps weren’t there before the start of the repairs.

I have tons more house pictures but I think I’ll subject you to these few today and I’ll now head back to the stitching


2 thoughts on “Turandot–The January update

  1. Rachel, The draping of the cloth over Turandot’s arms is amazing. I do love the detail in this piece.
    It’s very interesting to see the pictures of your house. Does it have to meet some sort of code or final testing to make sure the repairs are done adequately? Hang in there, I hope your can get back into your newly repaired safe home really soon. xx

  2. It is cool to see the ‘shadowing’ show up in the photo of the bedroom wall!
    Nice of the builder-man to smile for the lounge photo too.

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