A teddy

I’ve been meaning to share this update for a few days now. It’s been sitting on the camera in hopes of taking a better picture, but sadly I haven’t had a chance to get that great shot.


(click image to enlarge)

You may have noticed I’ve missed this month’s stitching of Turandot. Well, actually I haven’t. I’ve just moved it to this week and I’m hoping to get another page completed before I share the update. It’s been slow going since the motel’s lighting isn’t the best for stitching and the seats are quite awkward  to work in but I’m getting there.

We have also just had word on our house. After two full weeks in the motel the engineer has finally gotten around to doing the inspection (why they don’t do this as par for the course I don’t know) and they’ve said the drop that the builders had measured (38mm) is weird as you’d see that much drop in the form of significant cracking which there isn’t. There is only stepping cracks (as seen is a previous post) and that’s not what a drop that size would show.

It doesn’t bode well for the repairs if that’s what the builder’s are like but we have an advocate on our side, our builder chick. She’s the one that did the bathroom renos for us. She’s said she’ll come round every couple of nights to check that the work being done is what should be done and whether it’s being done right. She should know, she’s contracted elsewhere to do repair work herself. We want to get this done right and once we sign off on the completed job we have no recourse and we’ve heard some nightmare stories (don’t know if they are all true) about things being done wrong causing further issues and since the home owner had signed off they are on their own.

Well…. the engineer told Tim that he’ll tell the builder’s that they can start without any major structural issues but when they will get around to actually starting is anyone’s guess,  who knows, the builder’s may want another couple of weeks holidays.


One thought on “A teddy

  1. Rachel, I would have never guessed a teddy in a million years. Obviously I was was way off. lol. I hope your repairs are just that. Repairs. And no more needs to be done on the structure. It sounds like your settling in your hotel room. Your stitching looks great as usual.

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