Can you figure it out now?

I think I’ve got enough done now that you can guess what it is…. but I’m not going to just let you have it.

You’ve have to answer a question to get to the image.

What theme of this piece is? c_ _ _ _ _ _ _s

Click the question mark then enter the answer as the password (all lower case letters)


10 thoughts on “Can you figure it out now?

  1. agrrrr am at work and it won’t let me guess!!!!!! will have to wait a few more hours till I get home!! Oh Rachel – Please don’t do this again – I like to get my stitching fix at work by reading your blog lol – now I can’t see your progress, oh well, will just have to work hard and hope the afternoon passes quick!!

  2. Oooo I think I have it now – a stocking? of a piece mentioned which is also a SAL piece? Great progress! And I can relax now I know what it is – *sigh*

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