A new start and an update on repairs

I won’t be talking too much about the repairs to the house as NOTHING has been started yet.

It turns out we moved out slightly prematurely. We had everything (except for some little bits still to pick up) out and when the builders can to check the levels etc they found all the floors level except the lounge room which has a drop of nearly 40mm. A drop that size needs to get “work” done and subsequently no repairs can be done until that end is rectified.

So, we’ve now had ground surveyors check to see if the ground is actually able to support a house in that spot and all signs look good there. Next step is an building engineer, and as you can guess they are very busy here in Christchurch at the moment.

The one thing that everyone is in agreement on is that something isn’t normal.The floors are level yet most (if not all) the windows/doors are jammed shut, or with the exception of the door to the conservatory, jammed open!! So something has mooooved.

That’s as closed as it’s going.

That’s what the wall on the other side of the door looks like

Oh well….

Onto something that is exciting. I’m starting something NEW

I had some silks arrive from HDF and with what I had left over from QS Peacock I’m kitted out for a new colourful, silky start.

and from another angle

I don’t think it will remain a mystery for long but can you figure out what it is by looking at the threads alone?

You may have noticed my storage box? It’s the left overs from a Christmas present….. Ferrero Rochers.

I use a smaller box for storing my Catfish threads as well. And speaking of Catfish, here’s an update for you. I haven’t done much but I did promise a WIP in this post


5 thoughts on “A new start and an update on repairs

  1. Good luck with the repairs getting started Rachel. The pictures really help define the damage you were speaking of.
    To talk about your new start. I’ll take a long shot guess. I’m never good at these things. But if your doing the Draggie in silks I will be sooo jealous. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I hope it’ll work out fine with the house in time. It must be hard to leave your home like that. Positive thoughts comming to you from Sweden.

    Arrival of new threads is like Christmas! Enjoy your new start and the Catfish looks amazing ๐Ÿ™‚


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