The Bach – Completed

Here it is completed
(colours are a little washed out due to the flash on this rainy day)

(click image to enlarge)

I showed the unfinished piece to Tim on Christmas Eve since this was his present and I did want him to know for the day but with everything that goes on with Christmas I haven’t been able to finish it until today.

That’s one piece that I’m glad to see the end of. I started it just before the Feb quakes and if it hadn’t been for them and having Tim off work for so long it would have been framed, but not on the wall, already. There would be no point hanging it yet as we shift out very soon and EVERYTHING has to be moved out.

We thought the repairs may have to be put back due to a new Christchurch fault letting go and there being a new series of quakes with the largest being a 6mag only 3.5km from our house!!!

We had just left for a few days in Blenheim for Christmas so didn’t feel them, thank heavens, and the neighbours checked the one thing I was most worried about, the fridge.

With the Feb 6.3 and the June (recently upgraded) 6.4 the food from the fridge was flung out onto the floor, so being the middle of Summer in a sealed house you can imagine why that was a concern.

We haven’t sustained any major damage, we didn’t even break anything, but Tim did have to chisel down the doorstep so we could open and close the front door and the back door to the conservatory is now keep ajar due to it not being near able to close properly. And there are a few new cracks and some older ones that have increased in size. This will should all be sorted once they get the house level again.

I think that’s all for now. Things have really been a blur lately and I’m hoping that things will get back into a routine some. I think with the HAED 2012 Freebie SAL starting soon I can get rotations back in order and I have a new HDF/HAED silk start coming soon.

A big THANKS to Louanne who gifted be an HDF gift voucher which has allowed be to get a great proportion of the silks I need for this new start and I already had about a 1/3 left over from Mr “P” which I can use too, which has helped A LOT!!!

So thank you again Louanne for being an enabler.


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