Where’s Turandot?

Sadly I didn’t get to work on her this week.

I had Tim’s piece out and have been making hay while the sun shines, actually stitching while he did some overtime shifts.

(click all images to enlarge)

And here’s what is looks like now. There are only three pages left and although I concede defeat in getting it done before Christmas (unless Tim heads north for a few days before we both head up for Christmas) I can see it being done not long after. I am on two minds as to wait until it’s done or show it to him not quite done on Christmas day.

Another reason “T” hasn’t been out is because of the hat which I’ve now finished. I’ve used my niece as the model today. It hasn’t been blocked out yet.

I have now got Turandot out again and have already managed to get a couple of hundred stitches in but Tim’s working tonight and I’ll be onto the bach again.

I also have been very lucky and have received some RAKd charts lately they include….

I’ll be busy!! Thank you everyone for the kindness.


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