SK Rapunzel Completed

(click image to enlarge)

YAY! She’s completed.That is another one of this year’s goals completed as well, actually a half year goal.

Now I can try and get some more of Tim’s piece done as well as another hat. It’s from a pattern that I was gifted by the lovely as always Jeannie-maree.

It’s called Flavia

If you click the image you’ll be taken to Ravelry where you can buy the pattern for it.

Now I just have to wait for the wool I ordered for it to arrive. I don’t like waiting!!


6 thoughts on “SK Rapunzel Completed

  1. She looks amazing, Rachel!!! Congratulations on the finish!!

    I haven’t even had a chance to start mine with all the obligation stitching I have had this year. She is one of my planned starts for next year though. No more obligation stitching to get in the way. 🙂

  2. Rachel congrats on your HAED sK finish. I also love the hat you knitted. I should have known it came from JM she has excellent taste.

  3. Thank you so much guys. I appreciate all the feedback and it is motivating.

    Nance, I haven’t actually knitted the hat yet. I’ve just had the wool arrive on my doorstep this morning and have the intention to start tonight once I have to put Tim’s piece away. He’s got some bits to do on his way home tonight so I can probably get a few more stitches in before he does get here. I helps that he’s put new mufflers on his motorbike and I can hear him coming from a block away.

  4. There have only been two SKs so far that have tempted me to start kitting them up. Storykeeper and your Rapunzel. Rachel, she’s so pretty and beautifully stitched. I’m loving Favia too. Congratulations on two gorgeous finishes!!

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