QS Little One Lost – Completed and a GIVEAWAY!!

I have finally completed this wee darling.

Boy, a lot has happened since I started this and having it out of the way will allow me to stitch without those memories popping up each time it comes out. The main thing I remember was having page 2 sent out just after we left home in February.

I have two shot one the main shot and the other is a slightly shinier one to show the sparkles. They still haven’t show up as much as I would like but you can get the idea of how many sparklie stitches there are.

(click to enlarge all images)


And now news on a giveaway.

I have a QS/TT or SK from HAED that I will be giving away to a lucky winner. It’s a thank you for those who read or have read my ramblings.

All you have to do is answer this easy question :

If I were the randomly selected winner the QS/TT or SK I would like is ….?

Easy isn’t it!

The winner will receive the chart via email from Michele of HAED herself.

So think hard and post your answer as a comment and if you recommend a friend and they mention your name in the entry I’ll give YOU another entry.

You have one week to enter from the date/time of this post.


23 thoughts on “QS Little One Lost – Completed and a GIVEAWAY!!

  1. LOL looks great. I always enjoy watching your progress, since you stitch so fast.

    If I were chosen, I’d like Faces of Faery 167.

  2. Congrats on your finish, Rachel. This is one I hope to get my hands on soon when the SAL is finished. I didn’t know it had so many sparklies, but I love the effect. Your contest sounds like fun. If I were to win, I’d like a Ravenscroft, as I’ve never worked one of hers. I would choose QS Merlin, another cat. Hope you can enjoy your next chart. This one is great!

  3. LOL looks great Rachel I wish I had timed my extra long weekend better so I actually has the page to stitch on. I can’t wait to finish mine too. If I was randomly chosen as your winner I would love QS Merlin by LR to go with Arthur & Gwen.

  4. Congrats on your finish Rachel! He is adorable.
    Well my favorite choice for QS right now is QS Sea Unicorns by Linda Ravenscroft. I’m off to try and get some stitching done on QS Curl up with a Good Book!

  5. Rachel, Your Little One Lost came out so sweet! Congratulations on your finish. I’m hoping to have Curl up done by the holidays, lol.

    If I were to be randomly selected, I would love to have Strelkina’s QS Seasons 2. Fall is my favorite season and I love the fall colors and leaves in her hair. 🙂

  6. An adorable finish Rachel, know you’re happy to have this furry little critter completed! Love the sparkles.
    It’s very sweet of you to hold a drawing!! If I were the randomly selected winner the QS/TT or SK I would like is ….the one that you would select especially for me.

  7. Congratulations on the finish, Rachel! Little One is beautiful. One of these days, I’ll get mine finished–too many other things are interferring. 🙂
    If I were the randomly selected winner the QS/TT or SK I would like is: QS Daughter of the Deep-Josephine Wall.

  8. Congratulations on your finish – Little One Lost is gorgeous.

    If I were randonmly selected as the winner, I would choose QS Moon Amethyst by Nene Thomas.

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