Catfish quick update

I thought I should share a quick update. I’m due the last page of the QS SAL this weekend so intend to work on that until it’s completed which shouldn’t be too long since it’s a partial page.

(click image to enlarge)

So, not only will I (hopefully) have another finish in the form of QS Little One Lost, but for my next post I will also be running a giveaway as well. You just have to give me a simple answer. I say simple but when you see the question you might have to think a little. Believe me you’ll want to enter if you’re a HAED fan.

Until I get that last QS page I will work on Catfish and my next update on this one, I promise, will be a full size update.


2 thoughts on “Catfish quick update

    • Thank you Rachel. I’m sure once you get the last page you’ll finish Curl in no time. I really love that piece and if Little One Lost hadn’t been one of the choices I would have done that one instead. That’s why I’ve really loved following all the WIPs and can’t wait to see the finishes appearing.

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