SK Rapunzel update

Here’s the latest. I wanted to get the filigree work done before I shared.

I love the detail but I am surprised by the stray strands of hair in her plait. I had no idea what the ramdon stitches where for until I took the photo and saw that they were. I don’t usually stitch with a picture of the finished piece to look at, I’m the same with jigsaws, so I never knew they were there.

(click image to enlarge)

I haven’t quite finished page 3 yet, there is a lot of black and then it’s back into the bush of hair at the end of the mane. I should have that done in time for the next page next month. Speaking on next page, the last and final page for QS Little One Lost is due out next weekend. I can’t wait to see that one finished. It, like me, has been through a lot this year.


2 thoughts on “SK Rapunzel update

  1. She is looking fantastic Rachel, I too am looking forward to getting the last page of LOL and getting him finished. I haven’t done much on my SK Phuan but once LOL is finished I hope to get stuck in to him and done as I have a couple of gorgeous new starts lined up for next year.

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