I had to share… chart lust

As you know, or may not know I live in New Zealand. As as you may or may not know New Zealand is where the Lord of The Rings films were filmed by our own Sir Peter Jackson (and currently The Hobbit films as well).

So you can imagine how excited I was to see this chart released.

I have to get it but I fair that if I get it now I may be tempted to start it soon. I suppose I could get it and set up a rotation where I can stitch it and have it completed by 2013 when the first of The Hobbit films is released.

Isn’t it a beauty….drool


7 thoughts on “I had to share… chart lust

  1. I agree with you! It is so cool =) I told my hubby: “Can you imagine having this one stitched and hanging on the wall?!” =)

    Your country is beautiful. i often watch the ovies and the extra mats of the DVD:s. The Rohan area is my absolute favourite =)

    Looking forward to see your progress, if you deside to get it started that is 😉

  2. Those moments don’t come along very often. You know you’ll have it some day, so might as well get to it now. I’ll enjoy watching it come to life.

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