Catfish and a rant

I have a question for you.

How long after something is sent to you do you give up waiting for it to arrive?

I just ask as I’m waiting for a courier parcel to arrive that was at the couriers on the 25th and only after two phone calls and a hunt on their part are they going to deliver it tomorrow.

At least that will be delivered unlike some things that I am still waiting for, for over a year.

First of all were some prints that I mentioned ages ago here in my blog, they were sent twice (apparently) and never arrived. Thanks to Brigid, the artist of these prints I got the issue sorted.
I should have purchased directly from her in the first place.

Then there are a couple of competitions that I’ve won where the prizes never arrived. Oh well, at least I know I was the winner. *sigh*

Then there are orders that didn’t have all the items included and not to hear from the trader again.

Also, there is a game from America that has taken forever and am still waiting for. It’s been 47 working days or a total of 9 weeks since I ordered. *double sigh*
To know why that is irritating, I ordered my Nene book and it arrived in less than 3 weeks, within this same period.

I haven’t given up on these missing things arriving, especially since a prize I won a long time ago did turn up over six months after I won it.

Here’s something you don’t have to wait any longer for, the latest update of Catfish.
I’ve now reached the bottom left corner

(click image to enlarge)

I have also closed the Ravenscroft Moggie poll.

The vote count ended in this order:

Merlin: 62
QS Merlin
Morgana : 52

Arthur: 33

Gwenevre: 16

Thank you all who voted and look out for a new start on Merlin next year.


5 thoughts on “Catfish and a rant

  1. Catfish would have been mine to work, too, if only I weren’t so “old”. I fell in love with this chart from the moment it was offered, but common sense got hold of me. You’re making exciting progress, and I will enjoy watching it emerge. Sorry about your deliveries. I hope they catch up with you soon. Makes you wonder why people don’t do what they’re supposed to do!

  2. Catfish is looking fantastic Rachel, I am waiting to start mine so for now I will just have to content myself with watching your progress.

  3. As I said on the BB, I love Catfish! I’m watching Serenity right now, for like the millionth time on Syfy. I totally understand what your talking about with snail mail issues. I was in a cross stitch ornament exchange on fb and I still haven’t got my ornament. Talked to the women in Canada and she did send it about a month ago. Then I ordered some of the cross stitch mag back issues from someone in England on Ebay and all she wrapped them in was paper bags. Well I got one set ok, but the other was missing like 2 or 3 mags. The seller was like ok I’ll make it up to you and then nothing ever again.

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one it happens too.

      Thank you all for the lovely comments on Catfish. I haven’t been working on him lately as I want to get a bit more done on QS LOL and that piece for Tim.

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