Turandot for August

Another month, another update.

I managed to  finish another page I’d been working on and have started to work on a page that is on the next row of pages down. After that row of pages there is only a partial row of pages left.

The photo isn’t the best but it’s the best I could manage in this light.

We are slowly getting through the weather system that brought the snow to use and as it would happen most of the country, including a lot of the North Island. They say it was a once-in-50-year blizzard.

Thankfully the snow stopped after two days and then we had rain, so the snow won’t be around as long as it was last month; it was still there after a week!

It has also been cold but I have been warmed by the generosity of others.

Liz (Radidragon) and Louanne (CrazyForCrossStitch) gifted me

The Well Read Cat and

QS Severielle respectively.

I can’t wait to start them both although I do have some other bits to finish first, namely the Freebie SALs (which I have new pages for) and Catfish but I will be buying some fabric tomorrow in anticipation of some new starts.

Thank you so much guys!!

Edited to add:

I just checked emails to find Louanne has added to the  warmth and new start temptation by gifting me the wonderfully cute Hey Sis Did You Hear That.

It’s the look I get from Petrina sometimes when I talk to her. LOL


One thought on “Turandot for August

  1. Can’t wait to see you start both of these charts. I looked at the chart for The well read cat as I couldn’t resist and got for myself as well and he looks like he will be a fairly easy and fun stitch, so enjoy

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