Deja Vu

It’s snowing again!!!


We are meant to be having snow for the next couple of days so this isn’ the worst of it.

It’s even cold enough that our parents who live just out of Blenheim (300km+ north of here) had falling snow. I don’t know if they’ve got any now but it’s not normal for it to fall there. The last time I remember it was when I was a kid.

Luckily Tim has the next 3 days off so we don’t need to head out. See the picture of the car… that was parked there less than 6 hours ago.  He managed to get home safely from work after a 30 min drive on snowy, deserted roads.

I’m sure that I will have more photos to share with my next update which will be of Turandot. I’ll work on her until the next SK SAL page arrives.

Did you notice I changed the blog layout?

The tagline is something my Granny used to say, the milk part is my contribution.


4 thoughts on “Deja Vu

  1. I just can’t imagine, Rachel. Here in Florida, we’re at 94, with “feel-like” temps over 100. Of course, we NEVER see snow, and I do miss it occasionally. Anxious to see your progress on Turandot.

    • We don’t usually get snow here either, that’s why it’s such a novelty. There are places here in NZ that have their first load of snow in over 50 years from this weather system.
      T is coming along nicely. I should have another page I’ve had going done before the next update.

  2. It it summer here in sunny Yorkshire (UK) and its freezzing ok its not exactly cold but its not warm or sunny i have had the heating on today, and if you go out you def need your cost and a layer of jumpers hoping it will warm up next week as we are going off on our hols where they filmed Pirate of the Caribbean 4, pity no Mr Depp there.
    I love snow but only at christmas and when i am inside as i am crap at driving in the snow, i want to go one way the car goes another, normally towards a wall! lol
    Think we both need to go see Judy!! would love some of that heat

    loving the new layout

  3. Bev, I’m sure your freezing would be quite nice right now.
    We had two days of snow and now it’s raining for the third and it 2.3 degrees. The news said we could expect more snow but I’m just hoping it keeps raining to get rid of the snow before we get a frost.
    You are right Icy roads are not good, that’s why I sent Tim out to get more supplies yesterday in the old dunga car, that way he can play dodgems all he likes.
    One problem here to look out for are miscellaneous road cones and potholes.

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