Our new purchase

I mentioned something exciting might happen and here it is.

Our old car was starting to get a few niggley issues that we could see being big issues in the future so Tim decided to check out car yards.
I HATE car shopping with a passion. I don’t even like looking through the car buying books he brings home so you can imagine how excited I was when he took me looking.

Needless to say we test drove a few cars until we saw this wee red thing. It had just come in and wasn’t on the yard yet but someone was in the process of sorting finance on it but they let us have a test drive anyway.


Told them that if they could find another one we’d love a look at it.

They said that the “buyers” were having issues with the finance and were trying to talk then down in price. We were going to be paying cash, as well as having them trade our old car, so the others were told it had sold.

Snooze ya lose.
And here she(?) is our Nissan March


It was slightly more than we initially were looking at paying but we got a great price for the old car and being a few years newer than what we had been looking at it is well worth it.

I also love it’s demented grin

It’s also nice and shiny at the moment but with the roads being so dusty it won’t stay that way for long. Might need to buy Tim some more car wash. LOL


5 thoughts on “Our new purchase

  1. hmmm i can see why chart buying is not high up, but love the car and yes the front does look like a happy face, ( oh and i failed in the ‘no more chart buying this year’ Sea of Roses is now printed off, what they hubby doesnt know wont hurt him lol)

  2. Thank you guys.
    Go Bev!! How long will you be able to resist a new start? I’ve been a good girl and have managed to stick to the ones I’ve already got going.

  3. Thanks Louanne. No it’s not a hybrid. It’s a few years off any of that technology.
    I should add that it drives like a shopping cart except it goes in a straight line.

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