Catfish page one completed

It’s easier to see what it is now.

(click images to enlarge)

Just ignore the white horizontal line that is running through the eye. That’s just the clothes airer that I sat it on to take the photo showing through.

I ‘intend’ to work on this now until the next page of the Freebie comes out, but I do have Tim’s piece here beside me to work on when he heads out so I might put an hour or two into that during the week, who knows.

I received some more exciting mail yesterday. My Nene 2012 Calendar arrived.

It will be exciting having that on the wall, particularly when you consider that when the book arrives I will know exactly what the characters look like as they are the images use in this calendar.

Along with the calendar I got some mini Lithograph prints and at 5×7 they are not exactly what I would call mini. I just need to get myself a few frames for these now.


3 thoughts on “Catfish page one completed

  1. i want Nene’s calender but when i bought it in 2006 we had the caravan stolen. Lost £4000 in two weeks ( that was how long we had it before it was stolen and we were under insured by £275 so we did not get what we paid for it, only gave us £9000 back instead of the £13000 that we paid for it.

    Hubby picked the calender 2007, nothing happened,

    i picked Nene’s calender in 2008 and hubby bought a car from a ex friend ( saab automatic) only for it to brake down two weeks later, needing a new gear box at a cost of £3895 ,nice garage bill i thought.

    in 2009 we had the house fire. I picked the calender that year ( yes Nene’s again)
    so i am no longer allowed to buy any calenders hubby picks them as he says i am jinxed.
    only think is its either mountains of Scotland or wildlife, this month i have a water vole, lovely!
    so i will have to admire from afar as me buying a calender next year, wont happen lol

  2. Bev, show hubby the link and let him buy it. I’m thinking that should kill that curse. What sort does he like to buy? I’m lucky that Tim likes fantasy so isn’t worried when I buy the calendars.

  3. thats not likely to happen, as he is more into scenery and farm animals, yes i am rolling my eyes lol
    we are completely opposite, he loves abba and status quo, i love pendulum and muse, his idea of a holiday is looking at the scenery in Scotland, after i have seen 5 miles of hills im like, yes lovely rolling my eyes again, where i love swimming in the sea in the south or france, I am still wondering how we have been together for 20 years

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