I’ve got a golden ticket

Well, it feels like it.

(click images to enlarge)

Since February we have had to use the longdrop or the chemical toilet. We’ve flushed the indoor one occasionally to make sure there was no backup onto the property. We were very near to being able to flush on June but then the second 6.3 came through and clogged them pipes again.

So until the next bout of liquefaction forces another load of silt into the pipes we are sorted.

I have another shot of Catfish. Here’s 13 days of work. I have done more since and am now at the top left corner.

and for those who can’t be bothered hunting for the photo of what it will look like once done (Petrina) here’s a thumbnail to compare the two.


2 thoughts on “I’ve got a golden ticket

  1. no wonder you feel like you have won, and catfish is speeding along, How many hours do you stitch a day? hope your enjoying the silks i have yet to start something with silks, really need a b/w chart, does it look different when stitched to DMC,? i think thats all for the questions today lol. hope your enjoying the snow!!!

  2. Hi Bev, I lurve silks. They stitch like a knife through butter, They don’t knot like DMC and are so smooth. I did my peacock in Vikki’s silks and the colour conversion was spot on.
    You ask how many hours I stitch…. as ‘Gossip Girl’ would say, “That’s a secret I’ll never tell”. I can say it is a few but I think I’m fast cause I pre-read the chart as I’m stitching and my aim for the holes is good.
    Snow…. urgggghh

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