Turandot for July

Just a quick update.

I didn’t work the whole week this time, I want to get some more done on SK Rapunzel. I know it’s not her weekend but I really wanted to get her out of the way so I can get some more done on a new start I’ve got going.

I’ll share it once there is something recognisable to show.

I also want to get some more of Tim’s piece done. I have been working on it during the nights when Tim has been at work and have finished the first page (top left) completely and am half way through the page below it. I will share it soon but I haven’t had it off the Qsnap for a while and when I have I forget to snap a shot.
Anyway…. Here’s T.

(click image to enlarge)


4 thoughts on “Turandot for July

  1. Kerry, I don’t mind if you live your stitching life vicariously through my stitching. One day you may be able too again, here’s hoping.
    Mum/Dad you’ll have to wait to see it finished as it’s taken years and years and years to get to this point as it is.

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