I won!!!

Remember that giveaway from my last post?

Guess who won?

I received an email form Sara informing me that I was the lucky winner drawn.

Here is the image of the original piece that I have won. Button

Isn’t she the cutest wee button you’ve seen?

I have been stitching, but I don’t have an update yet. I’ve been working on QS Little One Lost and have finished one little kitty eye, but I’m back into the fur and background which is loaded with detail so it’s slow going.

HAED have their Finishers Reward Program running again, so if you’ve finished something and haven’t submitted it to them you still have time.

I submitted four and chose these four as my rewards.

I really need to stitch faster.


6 thoughts on “I won!!!

  1. congratulations on winning Sara’s comp, and you make make laugh, need to stitch faster indeed, your known in my house as speedy gonzales( no idea how to spell it)

  2. congrats on the win Rachel. I also love your chart choices. Can’t wait to see your progress on LOL I haven’t had a chance to start page 4 yet.

    • Thank you Lynn. I was stoked to read that I had won. Today has been a good day, although we did have a rumble go through earlier. They’ve been getting fewer and lesser now.

  3. Thanks Bev and Liz..
    Bev, I think if I go any faster I’ll leave scorch marks.
    Liz, I’m sure you’ll get page 4 done before I do, and I can’t wait to see it completed.

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