Sweet finish

I though I’d have this to share sooner but for some reason I still haven’t been able to figure out the last few pages of these pieces seem to take forever to complete.

I have however done it and here he is after 34 days of stitching

QS Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate – Artwork by Randal Spangler

(click image to enlarge)

Started 29 October 2010
Finished 28 June 2011
Design size 175 x 181 (total of 31675 stitches on 25ct Lugana)

Although it is a sweet piece it has bitter sweet memories due to it being a gifted chart from Fudgey after the passing of Sharna. It’s not yet a year and I still miss her.

I will now be working on something new until the weekend (can you guess what it might be?) when the next page on the Freebie QS SAL comes out. I can’t wait to work on my little Lost Kitty; yet another reminder of Sharna.  Sigh.

I have a couple of thank-yous to mention….. Michelle Davis and Sonya Eder. They gifted me Renaissance Angel and Southern Bellepunk Swallowtail respectively.


Love them both!!!! Thank you ladies.


6 thoughts on “Sweet finish

  1. Rachel, 34 days? WOW! CCMC is adorable, just love the Spangler draggies. Those are 2 great RAKs, lucky you! I am eyeing up The Bubble Blower that was just charted. Congrats on your speedy finish.

  2. Thanks guys. I’m glad you like him also. Seeing him finished put a smile on Tim’s face as well. He even went to see what frames we had laying around and pulled out one that is the right size, so one day when I have some time (haha) I should get him framed. Bev, I know I started it in October but to me it’s seemed like it has been on the go a lot longer than that. So much has happened since I started him, but I did check my calendar and there are 34 days marked as him being worked on.

  3. yeah with everything happening to you i guess it will seem like it, but this year has gone so fast, we will be picking out xmas theme bingo soon on the BB, lets hope that it will be drama free for you from now on…

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