First WIP of SK Rapunzel

Here’s the first look at what I’ve done on this latest HAED freebie SAL.

The cherub is looking a little R rated at the moment. Once I get all the stitches in in that area it will look less boylike.

(click image to enlarge)

We’ve had a few rude wake up calls here since Monday and some really scary mid 4mag shakes so stitching has been going a little slowly. I had hoped to complete the top half of this first page but will endeavour to do so next rotation.

It turns out that these shakes are on faults previously inactive faults that may have been caused by the Bank’s Peninsula (volcanoes) which formed millions of years ago. As the volcanoes popped up out of the earth the ground fractured along the slopes and that is what has been causing the issues since February, or so I’ve heard. Sounds plausible to me.

Oh well, there’s nothing much we can do other that hold on or move, but NZ is a seismicly active country and as Christchurch has shown nowhere is safe.

Gotta feel for Auckland a little as they are built on many, many extinct volcanoes. (Poor wee Jafas)

It’s back into my QS CCMC from tomorrow. Here’s hoping I can get him done before the next big shake.


2 thoughts on “First WIP of SK Rapunzel

  1. i cant believe how much you have got done, i looked at it, and my first thought was ARGH!!!, I am just wanting to try and see the ship appear on Mermmie before i put her down, but Rapunzel is looking gorgeous, just cant believe you said it was slow stitching!

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