Deja Vu, sorry I didn’t clean up for you

Well it turns out that the 6.0 quake was in fact a 6.3, the same size as the quake in February. Thankfully I had the camera at home this time so the pictures are a little better than the February ones. (Click all images to enlarge)

Here’s about the extend of the “damage” we appeared to have had from the 5.7 (upgraded from 5.5) pre shake. I thought I’d leave it for Tim to straighten up. He’d been out at the range for the morning and he came home after feeling this “small” shake and was heading home when the 6.3 hit.

This is what he arrived home to…


And here’s where I was at the time. It was safer to stay setted, hold on and hope for the best.

Look it’s Turandot. There’s an update of here below.

And after the shaking stop here’s what the TV cabinet looked like. The quake shook the top half back and lifted TV and everything else upwards and left by about a centimetre.

Sorry I didn’t dust. Oops

And where did that TV end up?

There it is, holding up the dresser.

This is the gap that we have between the concrete driveway and the garage now. We can’t tell which has moved but we do know that either the house or the garage has shifted up….

This latch used to line up and would sit flush and we could once line the holes up to lock the gate. Now it just shuts.

Then there is the liquifaction.

Thankfully there is none on the property itself, but the road had it again, although not as bad as Feb.

  to the right and

to the left and here’s the approach to our end of the street (the corner in the “right” shot)

and here’s what was under the water in the “right shot”

And here’s what I managed to get done on Turandot before all hell broke lose.

I won’t be stitching for a few days now as we once again have no water.

Oh well, there’s not much left to share but I do have one more picture and it’s a little funny, well it is to me

It’s just resting there and hasn’t fallen through any of the shakes. Here’s hoping that it stays that way


7 thoughts on “Deja Vu, sorry I didn’t clean up for you

  1. So sorry. You must be frazzled! There must have been major damage to your already-damaged community. Surely the quakes will end soon!

  2. Glad to hear you and Tim are safe. “Stuff” can be cleaned or replaced – people cannot. I hope the casino received no further damage and Tim is able to continue working. Again, thrilled you are safe!

    • You are right, stuff is just stuff. The casino had some more minor damage so they closed for a few of days to get that done without patrons interrupting. Tim was a little annoyed that it all happened on his weekend, but he did get paid for a couple of days off. He’s been back for a few days now.

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