Plodding away

After finishing Froggy I have decided to focus on QS CCMC. I’ve finished the top row of pages and he now has a complete top half. I’d love to work to completion now, but it’s Turandot’s week next week.And you know she needs to be out.

(click image to enlarge)

I will be also having another couple of new starts soon, the Freebie SK and also Catfish. I have silks on the way from the US for that wee guy but still need to buy the fabric yet. Sadly I don’t think working on a black and white piece with pink fabric will work.


2 thoughts on “Plodding away

  1. Looking forward to the SAL. I was really torn between rapunzel and ice wind when i saw her on your blog, but i have gone for rapunzel too.
    and catfish in silks, wow.

    quick question starting using wordpress as blogger is really crap lately but how do you know when blogs you read update? I have been playing about and not sure if i should be using subscriptions instead

    • Hi Bev, I just had a look at the settings for subscriptions and you can edit it to send an email when there is an update (these are for wordpress blogs I’ve subscribed too).
      In the dashboard, click “my subscriptions”, then settings. You can have emails sent out instantly, daily or never.
      I think when you click the subscribe to email button in a blog it automatically sets that blog to “instantly”.
      Another Rapunzel!! I too was torn between her and Icewind but it was an easy choice when you conciser I have the full size Icewind hanging in the hallway.

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