92050 little xs

I’ve finally finished “The Frog Prince”

The Frog Prince artwork by Jennifer Nilsson (discontinued)

(click to enlarge)

Started 31 July 2010
Finished 4 June 2011
Design size 350 x 263 (total of 92050 stitches on 25ct Lugana)

(Edited to add) I used HDF white silk instead of the treasure braid I like to use for the sparklie areas.

I’ll now concentrate on my chocolate piece until the new SAL starts at the end of the month. Who knows I may finish that as well and have another new start to boot.

I do have a new start that I have threads on the way for. It will be another piece stitched in HDF silks.

So look out for that one.


8 thoughts on “92050 little xs

  1. Rachel, FP looks fab! You stitching is beautiful. I got Catfish too, AND the silk from HDF. You will probably finish it before I even start mine. So I will keep a close eye out for your progress. It’s going to be a stunner.
    On another note… I recntly became addicted to Firefly. I don’t know where the heck I was when it was first run on the air, but I just saw the whole series on the Science Channel (of all places). I am HOOKED! Now I need to get the DVD. I even got the opening song from iTunes. (what a geek I am)

    • Louanne!! You mean to say you haven’t even seen the movie Serenity either? The horror!!! Twas a totally underrated series and deserved the recognition it’s having now, but back when it was made. Sigh.
      I saw you were getting Catfish silks too. Yours will arrive well before mine, but I do have another piece I want to start before then and it is another full size but not a large one so I’m sure you’ll get well into yours before I get near mine. I’m actually really excited about working a piece in full silks again. Mr P was so much fun to work on and the white silk I used in Froggy was like a knife through butter which is why I didn’t mind working all the white, now the blue that was a different story.

      • Thank you all so much for the lovely comments. I’m glad that other people appreciate the work that goes into these pieces. They do however look far nicer in real life, I only wish the camera would capture what the eye sees. One day I’ll figure out the camera settings, but I’d rather be stitching than reading the manual.

  2. Wow, when I looked at my e-mail that notified me you’d updated I thought the picture was the original artwork! Congrats on your amazing finish.

  3. What a wonderful finish, Rachel! The soft colors are magical, and I bet that the white silk area is gorgeous IRL. I’m thrilled that you’re beginning Catfish, as it’s one I really hoped to work, but at this point in my life, I can’t commit to more. I will enjoy it vicariously through your work, as I know you do beautiful work and you are so dedicated.

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