Turandot for May and a Telethon

This Sunday 22nd May, 9 am (NZ time),  Saturday for most of you there is a Global 12 hour Telethon running to raise money for the recovery of Christchurch, New Zealand. (Here’s a handy time converter linky to help with time zones)
All the details and live stream are at

Can I ask that you pop into the site from anywhere in the world to just join in and perhaps donate. I’m sure there will be loads of fun to be had and I will we watching it live on CTV, out local channel whose building totally collapsed killing many local and international people on Sept 22.

A wide range of Kiwi celebs, musicians and sportspeople are on board, including Richie McCaw, Dan Carter, Jason Kerrison, Pippa Wetzell and Mike McRoberts, plus Rachel Hunter, Anna Paquin and Martin Henderson, along with Sir Ian McKellen and the cast of The Hobbit.

And now to the interesting stuff…..

Tim is going back to work at the Casino!!!

They open on the 26th. He will actually be in there tomorrow helping with some minor  repairs that still need doing. I’ll be in there also the day before they open as they want to make sure that the kitchen staff are still up to the job and are putting a meal on for the staff and a partner. So, free meal time for us!!

And now what you’ve been waiting for….

(click image to enlarge)


5 thoughts on “Turandot for May and a Telethon

  1. I couldn’t wait to see your post of Tarandot. Too beautiful for words. So happy for all the good news lately.

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