Freebie Weekend update and casino photos

This weekend was the freebie SAL weekend and since this page was only a partial I got through it quite quickly and I’m now working on QS CCMC for the rest of the weekend.

(click all images to enlarge)

Speaking of the freebie SAL the half year SK SAL pictures have been released and I have made my choice very easily. She’s called Rapunzel in Rococo

There were three others to choose from, but the only other one that jumped out immediately is one I’ve already done the full size of.


We had some good news from Tim’s work place the other day. They are now out of the cordon and have hopes of opening at the end of May. With this news Petrina, Jessica and I headed in to have a look at the area and got a few shots of some of the buildings that have been causing issues.

  Here’s the front entrance and… two buildings with the issues.

We have heard that the one directly ahead has issues with subsidence due to the river behind it and…..

You can’t really tell by looking at the photo but the top left corner of the Copthorne is actually leaning out over the road a little bit. Considering this is Durham Street, one of the main thoroughfare here, it won’t be allowed to stay that way.

and the nanny school that WAS down the road.

Here’s an updated shot of the Strategy building now…

after  before

There are so many other damaged buildings and structures that have gone or will have to go and as the cordons get lifted it’s sad to see more of the damage that has occurred.

Yup, this clock is directly opposite the Strategy “building” from the shot above. How long it will remain there is to be seen.

So sad


2 thoughts on “Freebie Weekend update and casino photos

  1. I’m really glad to hear that things are looking up for Tim’s employer. It will be such a load off your mind, and that will give you the opportunity to do some more stitching on his “special project”.

    • It is great news. He has been working at a local mall that has to be basically gutted but the unskilled labour there is about to run out which means he’ll be home during the days again… going stir crazy 8) So the news of the reopening is very welcome. It will also be nice to get definite hours again. He has been working 7am-5pm but he can be sent home anytime during the day and it’s hard to quickly pack “his piece” up when I hear the car so I haven’t worked on it since the last update. 😮 Naughty me

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