Four pages to go

I am now on the homeward track with “The Frog Prince”. There are only four pages and two of those are partials.

(click images to enlarge)

All the little froggies have been stitched and other than the sky there is only a dragonfly and the rest of the reeds to go.

I am now working on QS CCMC for Easter and will share an update of it soon. I will also have an update on the piece I’m doing for Tim. He’s heading off hunting again tomorrow (it keeps him busy and active) so I will be able to get some more done of it.

I also have a big thanks to send out to Tish from the HAED board. She was a sweety and gifted me Soul Searchers Triptych by Linda Ravenscroft. It’s actually like getting three charts in one!!

Big Thanks Tish, you really made my day

Petrina, Jessica and I did something we haven’t been able to do since February 22, we went into the CBD….. as close as we could, that is.

We headed over to see if we could get a look at Tim’s work and this is as close as we could get.

One of the reasons you can’t get any closer is because of this building. As far as I know they are taking tenders for the demolition of it. If you can help please do so. LOL!!!

We did see something exciting while looking at the area, we saw the final pieces of the Strategy Building coming down. It was damaged after the Feb quake, but a recent 5.3 aftershock sent it on a lean that it wouldn’t recover from. So for safety sake they pulled that sucker down.

You can see a video of it HERE (69MB)



2 thoughts on “Four pages to go

  1. Wow – the end is in sight for Frog Prince – have loved watching this piece grow! And I love the Linda Ravenscroft Soul Searchers – also on my wish list. I’ll bet the pattern is huge!
    I hope your lives are getting some where near back to normal (if that’s possible at the moment).
    Happy Easter

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