Turandot for April….

After a month of absence, here’s my update on Turandot.

I have completed another page and have therefore completed another full row of pages. I should count how many are left to go but it is daunting when I see how deep the folder is with the remaining pages in it. I’m guessing its somewhere in the vicinity of 20.

(click all images to enlarge)

I thought I’d also share some before and after shots of the store I showed you a few posts back, Talon Arms.

They have managed to get there building green stickered which means that it’s not to be demolished although trying to get the demolishing company to listen was a different story. The owner had to-and-fro with civil defence and it even got to the point of the police coming into it for the digger driver to listen and not touch the place, but its still standing and here’s what the corner looked like, before and after.

before 4 Sept quake

After 22 February Quake


and Talon, looking lonely 😦

And speaking of things being pulled apart, Tim is working as a labourer at a local mall “de-constructing”, the technical term for pulling apart stuff. It’s hard work, but it’s giving him something to do and he’s getting paid for it. It’ll help with the mortgage once the days owing at his work run out.


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