What’s Tim going to do? (added a photo)

Sorry I don’t have any stitching update today. I’ve not been stitching much and don’t have much progress but have instead been working on a jigsaw puzzle I got from Petrina and family for my birthday. They thought it would be a challenge since half the picture is shade, but I got there, in a few days. HAHA

Tim has told me that we’ll be alright with his work situation. All staff, including the boss,  were given 2 options:

A. Take redundancy, finish on the 5th April. You’ll get 4weeks wages along with all leave owing; or

B. Remain as an employee, you use up the accrued leave and then be on leave without pay until they reopen. (With the option of taking the 4 weeks if they decide to leave at a later date)

Both options have the option of returning to the casino as preferential staff, but option B will still be employed and be straight back in once they do reopen (which they will, it’s just when). There are also positions elsewhere that are open to staff prepared to move, but cost of living in these other places makes it not worth moving.

The unions have now jumped on the bandwagon and are now flapping their lips. They have been trying to get into Christchurch with no success. They have caused issues with the Auckland Casino and they really don’t do much for what the staff pay.


We should be alright. Tim will be taking option B. He will stay on, he has a few weeks leave owing, and has offered to help with the clean-up; 6+ weeks of rotten food, drinks, unwashed clothes…. Mmmmm

(click image to enlarge)

We also have some savings which we had set aside for a rainy day which we can live on for a little while, we’re in a good position with the mortgage and can go interest only for a while if we have to,  and Tim will see if he can get a side job as well. He can do (pretty much) anything. He flipped burgers at McD’s before he started at the Casino, and we survived then. We will survive now, it just seems we are in a bit of a hurry up and wait situation with things that are out of our hands.

On a nice point. I won something with the HAED board Bingo game.

It’s the first time I’ve won, but definitely not the first time I’ve played. I don’t know yet what the prize is but I’ll let you know once I find out.


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