QS CCMC update

Yay! I finally finished page one on QS Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate.

(click all images to enlarge)

I am now back onto Froggy and hoping that I will be able to get back into a rotation with the stitching now, but at the moment things are still playing things by ear.

Tim is still not working and his scheduled pay is a week away from ending and the earliest it looks like the cordon on that area will open is the 16th April. Hopefully his work will decide that that date is close enough to keep all the staff paid and that they will stay open instead of closing. But it isn’t really under their control, it’s due to buildings around them that will be the main problem.

That big hotel on the left is one of the two main reasons they can’t get in yet. The other is out of shot to the right as is Tim’s work.

We are now able to have limited use of the inside toilet, as well as a free chemical toilet, so we haven’t had to use Tim’s new long-drop. So here are some pictures of our nice new toilet, yet unused.

Having Tim home has made it hard for me to stitch a new start I had before the quake. It is a picture of his parents batch in the Marlborough Sounds. It was like a second home for his family when he was younger and he still spends a lot of spare time there hunting and fishing.

Here’s what I have managed in the few hours I have had to myself.

I hope to get some more done later this week as Tim’s heading off on a hunting trip (again). It keeps him busy and the rabbit population down.

Must go, I hear a little frog calling be.


2 thoughts on “QS CCMC update

  1. I love CCMC – Randall Spangler Dragons and Chocolate are two of my most favourite things.

    I really hope things start getting back to normal for you soon. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like for you. I live in the UK and we often complain about the weather and not having much sunshine but I think we should take a step back and look at what is happening in other countries before we complain.


    • Thank Nic,
      It will take quite a while for everything to settle back down to some semblance of normal although I don’t think you can ever get over it completely since every strong wind gust, truck driving by or house creak brings it all back and I get into startled merkat mode. At least I have my stitching to keep my mind off things and I haven’t thankfully stabbed myself during any of the quakes, although the way my body gets tense I’m surprised I haven’t….blood wouldn’t be good.
      I am loving all the Spangler charts out there and have been eager to start Train of Dreams but all my plans for this years have gone askew lately.
      I hope you guys don’t have the snow again like you had this year, that was ridiculous. I hope summer will make up for it, but then again you might end up with the other extreme.

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