I’ve been very lucky

I have some new starts coming soon due to three very lovely ladies.

I receved QS Pluma Spectralus , SK Deidre and SK Ravens

from Michelle, Sophia, and Lynn respectively.

They all have made my week. With my birthday this coming Thursday they have made great early birthday presents.

Thank you so much you sweet girls!!

I pulled out the Freebie piece and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. I think I’ve left myself enough to go on with for next months SAL which I do intend to stitch in.

(click all images to enlarge)

I’m now working on QS CCMC (Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate). I’m trying to get the first page done before I share it with you.

I still have Tim home. He still hasn’t heard when or if his work place will be open before the pay stops coming. Poor boy, and he’s struggling to find things to do with all the time off. Usually he’d go into his home away from home, a gun shop he hangs out at, but he can’t go there due to it looking like this: The shop to the right of it unfortunately had two people lose their lives in the quake, and the butchers to the left had only moved in there a month or so back due to losing their shop around the corner in the boxing day quake. Needless to say they won’t be reopening.

Speaking of quakes we had a 5.1 aftershock last night.

We live at this end of Tomrich Street, slightly to the right of the dot. (click to zoom in)

I did promise a photo of the new bog but I totally forgot and the camera battery is on the charge but I DO promise it next time.


One thought on “I’ve been very lucky

  1. WOW that aftershock was jsut around the corner from you, my uncle and aunt live just around the corner from you, and they decided enough was enough and they took off to their daughers for the night…. hope things are settling down for you again, the new charts look fab, can’t wait to see your progress on them!

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