QS Queen of Swords finished

Having a little time on my hands lately I thought I’d try and get some small pieces stitched and I managed to get this one finished.

QS Queen of Swords Owl by Ciro Marchetti

(click image to enlarge)
Stitched on 25ct Lugana 1×1
Stitch count 200×63
Started 22 Nov 2010
Completed 3 March 2011
in a total of 20 days

I have also done a little work of QS Alexandra. I am now not in a stitching mode for a little while now as we are back home and although we have running water it needs to be boiled. When I am stitching I am pedantic about my hands being clean and this means I can’t just wash my hands whenever I want to. We have hand sanitiser but who knows what chemicals are in that and what they might do the threads, so I might have to get into some knitting.

Not being able to stitch is a little disappointing as it is the Freebie SAL weekend and I have page 2 of my kitty and then next weekend would be Turandot weekend. Sigh. So sadly there will be no update of these until everything is back to normal or at least having clean water in the taps. We also haven’t had the all clear on toilet usage yet so we’ve emptied a tin shed down the back and this is what is in there right now…

at least until we get a chemical toilet. It saves walking down the road with a roll of toilet paper in your hand.


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