Turandot – February update

I promised a full size update and here it is.

(click to enlarge)

I managed to complete two pages I had been working on and now have one page left to complete the next row of pages. This is one of my goals for the year and didn’t think I would be that close to completing it this early. I will have to up my goals for the second half of the year.

I have stitched a couple of the magnolia peals and they’ve come up very nicely. I can’t wait until I get to some of the larger ones although I’m not looking forward to working with so much DMC3865. I’m always scared that I’ll get something dirty on it and being so white it shows up everything,

If you look at the bottom of the picture, just under the left hand petal you can see the dragon appearing. It’s not much to see right now but you can see the start of the snout and the curve of it’s head, although the photo doesn’t show it up so well. I could take a close up of that area but I’ll leave it as a surprise for next time.

I decided to be generous the other day and I gifted Petrina, my sister, a chart. It’s Faces of Faery 141

She hasn’t been as lucky as I am in the RAK gift area so I surprised her with one as an early Easter present.

She has already made a start on it and I will share some WIP of it once she has something to show.

Hopefully one day a Fairy other than me will visit her inbox. (wink….wink)

And….. I must hop off and get some more of The Frog Prince done……….. Ribbit


2 thoughts on “Turandot – February update

  1. Wow, your progress is amazing, I have just purchased this chart, and I can’t wait to start, your WIP’s inspired me to buy the chart.
    Keep up your great work

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