Latest on Frog Prince plus a SALE

The Frog Prince is now complete to two pages across and I’m nearing full completion of the full left side of the piece, only a hundred or so stitches.

(click image to enlarge)

I find it helps to aim for milestones like this, as it makes stitching these labour intensive pieces seem to go faster. First it’s a page, then (if you work like me, from the center) a corner and then rows of pages and so on. The most exciting part is when you can say you’re done with a particular colour and you can empty the floss box. Love that bit!

Anyone after a chart then you’ll be pleased to know that HAED are having a Valentine’s Day sale at the moment.

25% off

it runs through to the 14th Feb and I intend to get a couple of new charts.

I have already decided to get the QS Christmas Star (top left) but can’t decide between the other two. I’m leaning towards Smitten Kittens (top right) but am torn by all the background. I suppose I could find a dyed fabric to suit but I would prefer to stitch it to get the various amount of shading in the background looking like it should. And finally there’s there’s Sundae Delight (bottom), I think that need no explanation, does it.

What to do, what to do.

I’m off to work on QS Queen of Hearts Owl for the weekend when I’ll be pulling out the Freebie SAL piece, QS Little One Lost. I can’t wait to see the kitty appear.


3 thoughts on “Latest on Frog Prince plus a SALE

  1. Thanks Erla and Thea, I think the colours are the best part of this one although I am now into some boring bits (when she’s out again) and I can’t wait to get to the blues of the water.

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