I have been slack

I have two updates and roof pictures to show but I haven’t found the time lately.

Firstly here’s QS Poinsettia Fairy again. I haven’t felt like working on her much as I really detest working on the fabric she’s stitched on, but since it was Christmas I thought it was time she made an appearance.

(click all images to enlarge)

After Christmas Tim and I headed north to Blenheim again. We had it planned but it also coincided with a 4.9 NEW earthquake the day before we left. I say new because this was not centred out in the countryside where the 7.1 was, instead this one was IN THE CITY!!!!

So we “escaped” the quakes only to have the north of the island end up with flooding. Luckily the river near my parents didn’t burst it’s banks like it did when we were younger. The water went down very quickly and they didn’t get wet unlike some camp-grounds further up the river.
Well, we got back home and the house is still here. In fact there weren’t any quakes here to mention at all…. until this morning when apparently there were little ones in the city vicinity, little ones of magnitude 2ish. Those one’s aren’t too bad as I can’t feel them at all. I didn’t even feel the 2.9 that was two blocks from us on boxing day.

The Freebie SAL is about to start and I will have an update once there is something to see but until then here is my first update on my recent new start. Do you know what it is?


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