SAL nearly ready to go and Froggy.

I’ve received the floss usage for next year’s Freebie SAL and can’t wait to start. I just need to sort the floss out now. I think that’s always one of the best parts of stitching, if you don’t include the finishing.

Here’s the latest update on Frog Prince.I haven’t quite reached the bottom edge yet but the lowest point of stitching is around 20 stitches from it.

(click images to enlarge)

I’ve decided that I’m sick of greens for the rest of the week and will be pulling out something a little bit more colourful. I think after getting yet another page done I deserve it.

Tim finally decided that it was time the house had a new “hair-do”. We’re getting the roof painted.
It is primed at the moment, but we’ve had some very strong winds these last couple of days and they haven’t been able to do a proper job. They have told us that it’s the worst wind they’ve seen in ages and I can see why. We’ve had things blowing around all over the place. I will post some before and after pics once it’s completed.

In the meantime enjoy this wee rose. I took this shot the other day before the wind started. I haven’t checked to see if it’s still intact. That’s why Froggy looks a little dark. I didn’t take the pic outside as i didn’t fancy covering it with dirt as t blow around the property.


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