Turandot for December

Sadly there’s not much progress on her this month. I was hoping to get yet another page out of the way but had hold ups and got stuck into some confetti on her sleeve.

(click image to enlarge)

I don’t think the photo turned out too bad considering I took it inside at some ungodly hour this morning. I could never have done that before, but Tim brought us our Christmas present and now I can. Last year was the bathroom, this year a camera. YAY!!

Our old one is in the process of pooping itself. When you turn it on it has all these psychedelic pink lines everywhere, they disappear after a few minutes but who can wait. So I’m still figuring out all the setting on this new one and I was hoping to  have taken another picture outside if it weren’t raining right now. But it is bucketing down out there and it’s still dark inside so I’ll have a good play with it for the January update.

Until my next post enjoy some of my ripening cherries.


2 thoughts on “Turandot for December

  1. I still think you did a lot – I’m looking at my half page (first page) done sinc August. August??? I’m getting back into it now so I hope to have more done over the winter. Still gorgeous!

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