QS CCMC and Freebie SAL pics

Anyone want a concrete boulder?

We have one which I’m calling Rocky. He has appeared under the house since the Earthquake and he ain’t little. We are assuming that when they prepared the land our house is on they must have disposed of the old building by burying them and when the 7.1 hit there was a little bit of liquidation that has popped this bad boy up. It’s also popped a hill or two of sand up and it is nearly touching the floorboards in places.

(Click all images to enlarge)

We sent our builder chick friend under the house to just check that nothing looked like it needed immediate repairs and she said nothing looks urgent but to just get the EQC engineers to do a proper check when they finally get here.

I’m wondering is anyone else in our area has any surprises under their houses that they haven’t found yet?

Here’s the latest update of QS CCMC.

The top left has been reached. Always a good thing to reach the corners, that way you know where you are in the scheme of the whole picture.

Speaking of charts etc. The artwork for the 2011  SAL is out. So here’s what the choices are.

QS Rapture by M. Potts

QS Little One Lost by B. Lusk

QS Faery Bride by A. Brown

QS Curl up With a Good Book by R. Spangler

QS Blue Rose Fairy by M. Dillman

QS Terra Fairy Sprite by B. Ashwood

QS Fragile Heart by H. Lynn

I have made my choice already with a little help from Fudgey and Tim. Can anyone guess what it will be?


4 thoughts on “QS CCMC and Freebie SAL pics

  1. You better believe it. I think we’ll get onto the local historian of this area and see if he knows where the buildings in this area were before the houses were built. The whole area was originally a chicken farm so it would be interesting to see if there was a shed here.
    If you look at “Rocky” you can see a big pipe sticking out to the left which makes us think it might have been a pile from back then.

  2. Wow! That concrete sure is huge!!! I have never felt an earthquake like that before, so I am completely stunned that something like that could just pop out of the ground! I am so glad that it didn’t do any major damage to your house!

    I am still on the fence about which chart to choose for the SAL! I am leaning towards Rapture, but Curl Up and Faerie Bride are asking me to stitch them as well!

  3. Thanks for the comments on my blog. This time we’ll be doing different ones, as I think I am doing Terra. Not sure which chart that dragon one is–and I love watching the Turandot progress! Serious restraint on buying it before it disappeared, from seeing your pics of it.

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