Turandot for November

I have just spend this last week on her in hopes of finishing another page and I finally got there last night. I wanted to get that page done since it means that most of that background is now done and I’m into more detail. Also in reaching the  next row of pages means I only have 27 rows to complete the top of this piece completely. (see arrows)

(click image to enlarge)

I’ve also finished the “fan man’s” face. I just love how that turned out.

I’m now working on Frog Prince for a while but I have the hankering for another new start but the one I have in mind is SK size but not a SK. Can anyone guess what it could be?

Have you missed me mentioning the earthquakes??!! I haven’t missed feeling them. The ones I can feel are very few and far between now, but we are still getting some good sized ones. There was a 4.9 the other night.

Also HEAVEN AND EARTH DESIGNS are having their Thanksgiving Sale

25% off


6 thoughts on “Turandot for November

  1. She is looking amazing as always! I love seeing your progress.

    I have actually been stitching a little, which is very exciting. I haven’t done any for ages. It’s not a HAED but one of my own, but being art conversion too it’s giving me a similar feeling of satisfaction.

  2. I so love this peice of work, it’s really a daunting peice which I did get for myself a while ago but seeing your progress has made me wonder if I’m brave enough to ever attempt it! Keep it up as it really is beautiful!

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