Introducing the froggie

I posted an update recently on Facebook but I haven’t had time to post it here so I’ve decided to include that last update as well as one completed froggie.

(click images to enlarge)

I’ve now reached the butterfly but I’m saving that until I have a bit more sky done. I will be working on Froggy now until the next page of the Freebie SAL comes out at the beginning of November.
Speaking of the SAL, Fudgey has been busy working on next years choices. There will be a QS which will run the whole year long this time rather than the two half year SKs. Once they are finalised I will show you what those choices are.

We are still getting aftershocks. We had a 5.0 last week which was the tenth strongest yet, but yesterday we had a 4.8 which was centred very close and offshore and felt stronger than the 5. It knocked out our power for a while and that hasn’t happened since the 7.1. It was a big inconvenience since I’d just put a pavalova in the stove. Hopefully there was enough heat to still cook it properly.


4 thoughts on “Introducing the froggie

  1. that little froggie is so cute!

    i really cant get into LOTW there is something always keeping me from picking her up, i really should do some more of her (

    • I am sure there will be something that you’ll like. I have heard that there will be 6 to choose from, I can’t say too much, but from what I’ve heard mentioned and by looking at what you have stitched in the past you might have a hard decision to make. If what I’ve ‘heard’ is right, my choice is already made.

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