Turandot update for October

I’d have posted this earlier but I’ve been fixated by the Chilean miners rescue. They’ve just gotten all the rescuers out so I’m all set to share Turandot with you. She has another page fully out of the way and I can see an end to the background at the top of the chart. I must say I’m pleased to see the man appearing he’s been elusive thus far and his appearance has been welcome.
I’ve had to move the Qsnap to get to the last stitches on the right hand page so I’ve got a full size for you.

(click image to enlarge)

I have decided on my next new start. It will be QS Chocolate Chocolate and more Chocolate. This sweet wee chart was a gift from Jeannie-Maree (Fudgey) in sympathy for the lose of Sharna. It was such a pleasant surprise. She is a doll.

I will be starting it after I complete the Freebie SAL. That last page is due next month and I can’t wait until I complete it and start digging into all that chocolate. Nom, nom, nom.

I’m back into Froggy now and I’m nearly done on another page there as well. I love tossing those pages out.


2 thoughts on “Turandot update for October

  1. I’ve been watching the rescue too. Is was great to get all the miners out (absolutely fantastic) but I didn’t breathe easy until the rescue workers were all out as well.

    Turandot is looking amazing. You are doing so well. The little dragon is totally cute and I’ll look forward to seeing him progressing as well.

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