First Jennifer, now Kinuko

Two of my favourite HAED artists are gone/going. Jennifer who I mentioned was leaving has now gone and now Kinuko Y. Craft is leaving.

Due to Kinuko moving to a very high end gallery and her work only represented in upper end formats such as giclee’s and canvas prints her artwork represented by us will be retired as of 10/24/2010.  We are very sad to see her go but we do understand her movement into museum quality representation.

I’ve been through to see what I might ‘have’ to get before they are gone and I find there are only two. I think I can cope without them in that case. They aren’t small pieces.

Sigh. There is one silver lining to the cloud….I can now work on these two artists pieces for the HAED bulletin board’s retired artists weekend.

I have an update of Frog Prince and Light of the World SK today.
I have finished the two pages of the SAL that have been released and will now have to wait until November before the next and final page is released.

(click image to enlarge)

And I have now also finished the first page of Froggy. The first page of HAED charts have the largest number of stitches so to get that one out of the way makes the rest of it a piece of cake. LOL

(click image to enlarge)

Oh…. by the way, the quakes are still going on. Although they are a lot less frequent now and much less in strength, unless they have their epicentre within walking distance from your house. Luckily Tim and I weren’t home, we were instead in a multi-storey building watching a movie.

!!! Cinemas shouldn’t sway  !!!


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