Turandot again

I managed to finish a page I’d been working on during this SAL. The number left to go is decreasing…..slowly.

(click image to enlarge)

As far as I can tell I have now finished all the jewels now. Confetti hell, indeed. So many colour changes for such a small thing but well worth the effort as they appear to glow in real life.

It was easier to stitch this weekend as the aftershocks have started to subside. We are still getting some fairly large shakers, magnitude 4.5 seems to be the norm for those ones and they scare the bejesus out of me. Most are situated about 10-15km out of the city and shallow, so you don’t hear them rubble in, they just hit the house with no warning. With having had so many aftershocks I’ve got to the point where I go into fight or flight mode. I sit there ready to run if it goes on too long. Getting up for every shake would be a waste of time.

Before this all happened any shake was a time to head to the doorway. I think complacency has set in which can’t be a good thing with the Alpine fault still expected to go at any time.


3 thoughts on “Turandot again

  1. Thank you both for the lovely comments. I’m thankful that the shakes are getting smaller and some I’m not even noticing, but they mentioned on the news last night that since we are still getting good sized aftershocks they may now go on for months.
    As long as they are small and don’t kick the house around I’m ALL GOOD!!

    Forgot to mention, I’m working on completing the page on my freebie piece, making up for the lack of progress I made that weekend.

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