I managed some stitching

Here’s the update Light of the World SK.

Concentration has been at a minimum while stitching this as the aftershocks are still coming and have apparently topped 300 so far. Some smart fellow from the university here has put together a time-lapse visualisation of the earthquake and its aftershocks. You can see it HERE.

We had one huge after shock Wednesday morning (7.49 am) which was very close and very shallow and felt almost as strong, in the city, as the first 7.1 and this caused more damage to already fragile structures. Some that were deemed repairable are now on the demolition list. I’ll be heading into the city Saturday, I’m sure I won’t recognise it.
We ourselves have noticed some wrinkles in the hall wallpaper and places on the floor that are uneven. We have piles under the house so we are hoping that is just a matter of re-piling  under the house.

This looks like a crack, but the wall behind it is intact. It shows how much force went through the house that the wood absorbed.  The quakes ran from the right of picture to left.

We are waiting now for assessors to just come and check it for safety’s sake.


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