Another update on my new start

It’s a little easier to figure out what this is now. I have nearly reached the top left corner now and I can’t believe how fast the background is stitching up. I should add that I have replaced the sparklies in this with HDF silks. Believe me there are loads of these stitches. I wish you could see this in real life as the colours are just soooo rich and bright.

(click image to enlarge)

Frog Prince by Jennifer Nilsson.

If you’re after the chart you better be quick as Jennifer is leaving HAED on the 15th Sept and all her charts will be gone. Sadly I haven’t been able to afford the charts I haven’t brought already, but I think paying for Sharna’s treatment is more important.

Sharna has now been on her tablets for one and a half weeks now and I think I can see a difference in her. She’s eating more and keeping it down. Even popping her pills in twice a day in painless except for one dose that resulted in me receiving a slashed toe. Don’t ask how my toe got involved.

It’s nearly Freebie SAL time again and the next page is due in the inbox sometime tonight/tomorrow. I already have everything ready to go on her again. Can’t wait!!


One thought on “Another update on my new start

  1. Rachel, that is looking stunning. What vibrant and explosive colors. Your stitching is beautiful as always. I can’t wait to see more.

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