Turandot update – the comparison post and Alex

I’ve been meaning to post this update for you for a couple of days but have had a friend come to visit and a vet appointment for Sharna, the furbaby or as I like to call her the fluffy tiger. Turns out she’s got hyperthyroidism and is not a happy camper. At 14 years she’s had a good run and we will most likely be putting her on tablets as a treatment. So with all that going on blogging has not been at the forefront of my todo list.

But I’m here now, 1am Saturday morning writing this…. So here we go.

I promised a yearly comparison, but the closest fullsize I have to this time last year was Sept. So the pictures are just under a year apart. I counted the days worked on her from my calendar and it turned out to be 47  days in which she was worked on.

BEFORE: 8 Sept 2009

(All images are clickable to enlarge)


AFTER: 19 August 2010

There’s a bit of a difference I think.
I have now completed the top two rows of pages on this one, a full 193 rows fully completed down. Only another 440 rows to fully complete. Sigh.

And here is QS Alexandra again.

She has a few wrinkles at the moment. I really shouldn’t just shove things into the scanner straight after taking them off the frame.

I currently working for a few days on Sadness of an Angel, so will have an update of that next time

You may have noticed I’ve changed the colour of the blog. I’ve found a layout I like. I can change quite a few setting with this one including the colour, so I’ve playing around to find one I really like. Any feedback on colour choices are appreciated.


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