First glimpse of my new start

Here is the first look at my new start.
Can you tell what it is?

(click image to enlarge)

It’s five days worth of stitching and watching all the little bits appearing has been very satisfying. I’m sure I could have gotten more done if it weren’t for the tissue filling interludes. I hate having a cold. Luckily I am over the worst of it now and I will power ahead on this of a while until…….

I start a non-haed piece soon.

Tim has asked me to chart and stitch a photo, from across the bay, of his parents batch in the Marlborough Sounds. Heavens knows why, as I find it highly boring there. Bushes, beach and water. Yuck. Give me the city and shops any day. I think it’s probably the nauseating drive to get there which has turned me off majorly. Driving on corrugated roads for what seems like forever when in fact it’s only an hour out of Picton.
Oh well, I will stitch it for him. Should be exciting with all the greens and blues.

Now I just have to wait for him to get up that way to take the photo.


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