Turandot for July

Another month has just flown by, hence this latest update.

(click image to enlarge)

I will share a full size of ‘T’ in next month’s update and I’ll show the progress I’ve made on her in a year. I hope to see what  a difference a year makes when only stitching 3-4 days a month

I’ve got QS Sweet Flowery Dreams out again for a while now and I hope to complete the bottom right page.

I’m also having new startitis and hope to make a new start soon. I’m still enjoying the pieces I’ve got going too much to be diverted. but that feeling is getting stronger.


2 thoughts on “Turandot for July

  1. She is so lovely. I am looking forward to seeing your full size picture – make sure you put up a picture of where she was at last year as well so we can compare.

    I am so jealous of your work on this one. I want to do a Craft design one day, but that day is very far away. In fact, the one I love best is her cover for Patricia McKillip’s “The Bell at Sealey Head” and that hasn’t been charted yet. Maybe the stars will align one day.

  2. Thank you Kerry,
    I will indeed put the closest previous full size, which I think is Sept, up.

    I think Bell is Fudgey’s favourite too. I will have her displayed on the wall in December when she turns up on my KC calendar. Maybe I should check that she’s been suggested for charting. LOL

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