An update, a new HAED artist and a help request

Another update of this little Flowery Sweety. It’s so nice to be able to focus on her and I’m surprised at how little confetti there is in her, except the eye which is why she has a that freaky eye.

(click image to enlarge)

There is a new artist at Heaven and Earth Designs – Nene Thomas.

I have been a fan of her work for a little while now and thought she’d never join the HAED family. I also felt my artwork likes had changed and that I wouldn’t want to stitch anything of hers anyway, but  I saw what has been charted so far. Boy, has my mind changed. The only thing stopping me from buying any yet are the sizes. I can see myself stitching the Peacock Pretty, but as for the other two they are fairly large indeed. Pretty is nearing the size of Turandot and I know how long that has taken me so far and Innocence is larger still. Crikey!!!!

I also make the mistake of falling in love with Nene’s 2011 calendar and have been hunting high and low for it less than $35US!! Postage is a killer for me to get it sent from the states to here.

If anyone knows where I can get it in NZ or anywhere that I can get it at a lesser price I would love to hear from you.



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