HAED sale and new Freebie SAL charts

That’s right 25% off for Memorial Day.

We don’t celebrate that holiday here in NZ but any excuse for a sale is all good.

Also the HAED bulletin board have just put up the new charts for the second freebie SAL of the year. There are FIVE this time and they are REALLY nice. I’m finding it hard to choose a favourite.

Here are the choices:

What do you think I should do?

I have no stitching pics to share today but I can tell you I’m a few hundred stitches from finishing page 1 of Sweet Flowery Dreams so look out for a pic of that possibly tomorrow. And I also only have 3 partial pages of ‘The Beast’ left to do. I’ll also pop a pic of that completed back wheel in for you to see.

Edited to add: Signup for the SAL will commence next week.


6 thoughts on “HAED sale and new Freebie SAL charts

  1. I love Chesterton and Rose.

    (If you want to stitch Chesterton and give it to me when you’re finished I wouldn’t complain!)

    Seriously though, they are all lovely and I can see why you’re having trouble choosing. Let us know what you pick.

  2. They are all wonderful and special in their own way, I love chesterton, but don’t think I would like the confetti myself!

  3. I’ve got the same problem, for me it’s between Masquerade, Chesterton and Rose. I think the Fenech might win though as I like the SK more than I do the full picture (mind I doubt I’d stitch the full version of Chester either!). Good luck deciding, I haven’t been a lot of help have I!

  4. Thanks for putting the pictures up. I’ve just been on the board but didn’t notice thatthe freebie sal had gone up.
    Chesterton for me. The full size is on my wish list.

  5. Thanks for the help guys.

    I am now leaning close to one in particular now. Fudgey from the HAED board thought that it would be the one I’d go for and I really think she was right. My first thought was Chesterton, he seems to be a very popular piece, but I know Petrina would like to do that one. Hint: It’s in the top row.

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